Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Nautical Service Technologies?
Nautical Service Technologies, Inc. is a full service and diversified marine surveying firm. The company started in 1985 with our home office in Key West, Florida. We opened a branch office in Naples, Florida in 1987 and in 1997 incorporated the firm and consolidated into a home office in Estero, between Ft. Myers and Naples Florida.

Who does Nautical Service Tech represent?
Our clients include private individuals, insurance carriers (both domestic and international), commercial shipping and fisheries, marine manufacturers, and admiralty counsel.

What kind of services does Nautical Service Tech provide?
Marine survey service include; Vessel Condition & Valuation, Risk Assessment, Appraisal Service, Claims Assessment and Management, Arbitration/Umpire Services, Litigation Consulting, Accident Reconstruction, Cargo Load and Stow and On-hire and Off-hire Evaluation.

What is a Condition and Valuation Survey?
Condition and Valuation Surveys (C&V) are designed to help boat buyers make informed purchase decisions, lenders establish loan to value ratios and insurance underwriters to establish underwriting conditions.

Are surveys approved?
Our surveys are compliant to the survey standards developed by our principal surveyor for the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors® and our reports are accepted by all insurance carriers.

Will a Nautical Service Tech Appraisal be acceptable to the IRS?
Our appraisals are accepted by the IRS for charitable contributions. We will provide the IRS form 8283 with the appraiser section completed by your surveyor for presentation to your charitable entity.

How much will a survey cost?
Nautical Service Tech maintains a competitive price structure and rates are billed based on the prices published on this web site. Click this links for our fee schedule.

Does the survey charge include a sea trial?
Master Mariner C&V surveys include a performance evaluation which is commonly referred to as a sea trial.

Does the survey charge include a haul-out?
Master Mariner and Shipwright C&V surveys include out of the water evaluation whenever possible. As shipyard charges vary from marina to marina, this cost cannot be predetermined and lift charges are treated as additional expenses.

Does the survey include an engine analysis?
Yes; we evaluate the power and electrical plants by visual inspection and using onboard instrumentation. We will pull hot oil samples and submit for lab analysis upon request. Our surveyors are not permitted to put instruments or wrenches on engines, but we can recommend qualified technicians upon request.

Must I be present for the survey?
Clients are welcome to be present for the survey, however it is not required. If your want to attend, just let our staff know and we will make every attempt to accommodate your travel itinerary.

Does the hull require cleaning?
We are in favor of disturbing antifouling paint as little as possible. If your surveyor cannot evaluate the condition of the hull without pressure washing the bottom, he will advise you after the boat is hauled. Shipyard charges for bottom cleaning are billed as an additional expense.

How long does it take for the survey inspection?
Your surveyor will budget more than enough time to perform all of the steps required based upon the services requested. The inspection time will vary depending on the size of the vessel and services provided.

How soon will I get my survey report?
Our policy for C&V surveys is to deliver the written report within two working days after the inspection. If there is a special need, we will try to accommodate.

How will I get my survey report?
Reports are delivered by internet so you can access the report from anywhere in the world. They are encrypted for your privacy and you will be provided your personal password when the report is prepared and made available.

Will my survey be accepted by my insurance company?
Our survey evaluations are conducted for compliance with Marine Industry Standards and USCG regulations. Reports issued by NST are accepted by all marine underwriters; however each underwriter determines if the boat meets their underwriting policies.

Does Nautical Service Tech accept credit cards?
Our merchant services account allows all forms of credit card payment. We accept Visa/MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Who will be my surveyor?
All Nautical Service Tech marine surveyors are qualified professionals. If you have a favorite, just let us know.

Will you give a copy to my broker or agent?
Your report is confidential information prepared for your personally. If and only if you authorize it's release, we will happily share it. Simply send an email to our support staff with your instructions. .

How can I request a survey?
Surveys can be ordered by simply submitting the online form through our secure server. The additional comments field is unlimited and you can include any special instructions there.

C&V Surveys and Appraisals

We perform C&V and Appraisal Surveys for owners and buyers, for lenders to establish loan to value ratios and for insurance underwriters to establish underwriting conditions.

P&I Claims Services

We provide support to marine insurance claim handlers and adjusters. We are Florida licensed adjusters and accredited surveyors. We represent both domestic and international insurance underwriters.

Consulting Services

We work as consultants with legal counsel in admiralty and marine general liability matters. Our team provides documentation and experience to support counsel's case and if necessary, serve as expert trial witnesses.