Condition & Valuation (C&V) Survey Services

We perform C&V and Appraisal Surveys for owners and buyers, for lenders to establish loan to value ratios and for insurance underwriters to establish underwriting conditions. We represent private individuals, commercial shipping and fisheries, insurance carriers (both domestic and international), marine manufacturers and admiralty counsel. We travel throughout the Florida peninsula, the Caribbean islands and the Panama canal zone.

Appraisal Services are frequently required of our agency. Whether you are making a charitable contribution of a single vessel or restructuring an entire manufacturing facility, we have experience appraising everything from small boats to the very molds used in the boat manufacturing process.

Of Note

Your assurance

Our survey reports are guaranteed to be accepted by domestic & international lending institutions and insurance carrier. We base our surveys on the industry standards established by the American Boat & Yacht Council, the National Fire Protection Association and the regulations of the United States Coast Guard.

Requesting the services of Nautical Service Tech is as easy as a completing the online form on this site. You simply select the type of service you require, tell us the details about your needs and submit the request through our secure servers. When we receive the request we open your file, assign a surveyor and schedule your survey.